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Road trip in the USA: Georgia and San Francisco

To summarize our road trip in the US, we can say calmly that we have had a great trip - we have not encountered any major problems, not even a tire we have had to change and then we have driven closer to 600 miles and not Always on the best of roads. We were a bit conspicuous about what could happen if the car would not cope with driving down the ravine to the Colorado River but that was really the only time we were instantly worried. We can only warmly recommend the United States as a holiday destination. You manage to be a tourist on your own, but of course you should be a little careful and maybe not always as blue as we were sometimes. What you feel as harmless and informative in daylight may not be the same after dark. If you avoid "sticking out" and getting into unknown land, US is a safe country to travel in. Everyone is very helpful and we have probably not met anyone who has not been friendly to us. read more..